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Core Team

Anura Shrestha

Research and MEL Officer

Anura Shrestha is a Research and MEL Officer at FDM. She is a Master’s graduate of Regional and Rural Development Planning from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. She also has a Development Studies degree from Kathmandu University with a focus on socio-economic development and a Summer School Degree in Political Philosophy and Political Economy from the University of Hong Kong. She has been continuously garnering experiences in the areas of development and organizational sectors since a few years. She has worked as a researcher with AIT, South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE) and Nepal Economic Forum (NEF). She has also worked as teaching assistant at National College and communications officer at Canopy Nepal. She is also experienced in content writing and freelancing reporting. She has a keen interest in research/ M&E revolving around themes of education, gender and feminism, youths, development communication, community development and climate change. She is a book-enthusiast and enjoys movies, photography and dance in her free times.

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Anura Shrestha
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