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Core Team

Bhola Prasad Koirala

Data Stats Coordinator

Mr. Bhola Pd. Koirala working as Data Management and Statistics Coordinator in FDM has expertise in developing and designing demographic research techniques and survey methodologies. He has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of sampling design, data management systems, data collection tools, KAP surveys at the community and national levels. He has excellent command in statistical software such as SPSS, CSPro, ODK, STATA, and other database programs including Epi-info and Epidata. As a data management specialist, he has carried out the design and development of data collection tools, formats, and templates for data entry, data analysis, and cleaning using statistical software. Bhola is also proficient in designing log-frame, indicator matrix for M&E assessments, and synthesize and analyze data for summary and thematic reports on survey findings. He has significant skill and knowledge in designing and sampling HH survey, design of Methodology, and data analysis. He is a graduate in statistics and Law and peruses a master’s in population studies (Demography) from Tribhuvan University. He has a keen interest in current socio-political affairs and jots his view via Social media on this matter.

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Bhola Prasad Koirala
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