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Associate Consultant

Sawar Basnet

Governance Expert

A seed staff of FDM, Ms. Basnet holds a Master’s Degree in law (LLM) from Pune University, India. She has been serving in various government agencies, I/NGOs and consulting firms in participatory development planning, GESI principle, good governance, social accountability tools, political economic analysis, economic empowerment, policy reviews and research studies. With over fifteen years of experience as a consultant and a development practitioner, Ms Basnet has been associated with different agencies like UNDP-LGCDP, MottMacDonald-Purnima, ISET-Nepal, PAANI program-USAID, GIZ, among others. She is a fieldworker enthusiast. This forte has enabled her to understand the holistic sphere of ground realities to aid further for sustainable and suitable developing planning to serve the community at large. Besides her profession, she voluntarily serves for Down’s syndrome Association of Nepal, Health Promotion and Recreation Center for Aged Women and Naad Sangeet Pathsala, (Music School). She holds a keen interest in music and holds a Bachelors degree in Music (B.Mus in Sitar) from Ilahabad University, India.

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Sawar Basnet
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