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Assessment of District Planning Monitoring and Analysis System (DPMAS)

Designed in 2003, DPMAS was a district- level indicator database intended to inform local decision making. FDM was contracted as a local partner by Palladium, an international consultancy firm for the evidence for development partnership project. FDM assessed the capacity of central and local government to collect, store, manage and use the data required for the 81 indicators which also included the DPMAS. For the best service delivery and certainty in the result, representatives from MoFALD, NPC and major line agencies involved in nine thematic areas were consulted during the assessment. The team from FDM conducted three one-week site visits to the studied districts where they met district level stakeholders, decentralized line agencies, VDC secretaries and representatives from decentralized line agency structure.

Donor: GoN/Palladium

Study Area: Parsa, Sankhuwasabha and Pyuthan.

Stakeholder consulted: All the government line agencies at both central and district level.

Tools: Questionnaires (Process Flow and Capacity Assessment), Qualitative Interviews, Direct Observation at the site level

Duration: Jun – Sep 2014

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