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Assessment of Government of Nepal’s Decision Making on Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic

FDM undertook the study primarily with the objective of providing Data for Development (D4D) program of The Asia Foundation (TAF) an informed idea about the decision-making process adopted by the Government of Nepal in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. As a part of the study, FDM conducted extensive desk review and KIIs with key stakeholders to identify major government entities for decision making and highlighted leaders or influential decision-makers, as well as other major actors and their roles in the decision-making process (both in formal and informal ways). Moreover, channels used for decision making, both formal and informal were also explored and their effectiveness was also assessed. FDM also look into the existing data sources that are available to the Government of Nepal (GoN) decision-makers and how such sources were being used to make decision. Following the findings, FDM provided recommendations to the D4D program on whom to work with for Covid-19 interventions and suggested interventions to increase availability of data during pandemic.

Donor: The Asia Foundation

Tools used: Desk review, KIIs

Duration: April 2020 – July 2020

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