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Formulation of MEL Framework for Provincial Local Governance Support Program

FDM conducted Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Provincial Governance Support Programme in February 2019 to March 2019. The programme was implemented by LGCDP with the objective of developing M&E framework of PLGSP. The government of Nepal planned to implement the multi-donor Provincial Local Governance Support Program. Since this was a nationwide program, a robust MEL framework was required to track the implementation status as well as the outcome of the program. In this context, FDM was hired to formulate MEL framework for the effective implementation of the PLGSP. The M&E Framework functioned from the existing theory of change and set out what data that exists can be used, what data needs to be generated and how that data should be generated in order to track progress at activity level for management purposes; report on progress to Steering Committees for governance purposes; and assess progress towards outcomes for evaluation purposes.

Donor: Government of Nepal

Study area: Kathmandu

Duration: February 2019 to March 2019

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