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Formulation of Ten Years Plan to End Untouchability and Caste-Based Discrimination in Nepal

The National Dalit Commission (NDC) and Dalit NGO Federation (DNF) took the initiative to develop a national level long term strategy to systematically eradicate caste based discrimination and untouchability in Nepal. Under the guidance of NDC and DNF, FDM drafted a strategic plan whereby several national and international documents on caste- based discrimination was reviewed and a document containing clear cut Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives were laid out. Along with secondary review, the assignment involved primary data collection including workshops, in-depth interviews and FGDs.

Donor: Dalit NGO Federation

Study area: Nepalgunj and Kathmandu

Stakeholders consulted: National Planning Commission officials, Ministry officials, NDC officials and DNF officials

Tools: Documents review, FGDs, Consultative workshops and in- depth interviews

Duration: 2012- 2013

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