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Political Economy Analysis of Data Ecosystem in Nepal

FDM has conducted the political economy analysis of data ecosystem in Nepal for The Asia Foundation (TAF). TAF has been implementing Data for Development (D4D) Program which aims to improve the sharing and use of (open) data as evidence for development. FDM’s PEA was responsible for understanding who makes key decisions at the three levels of government, how is decision being made amongst different agents/levels and what is the relationship between them and in what political/economic context as well as variables influence decision making in relation to evidence based decision making? The assignment had set out a number of over-arching questions to guide the analysis and ensure it adds up to a deeper understanding of the changes in Nepal, the challenges and potential opportunities for D4D program especially in regards to data ecosystem.

Donor: The Asia Foundation

Study areas: Province 2, Lumbini and Karnali

Tools used: KIIs and FGDs

Duration: November 2020 – February 2021

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