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Political Economy Analysis (PEA) of D4D program

FDM conducted a PEA of D4D program. The D4D program worked to strengthen local data ecosystems at the provincial and local spheres to support the use of evidence in decision making for development at nine municipalities of Madhesh Province, Lumbini Province and Karnali Province. The PEA analyzed the dynamics of foundational structures, formal and informal institutions, key agents in the data ecosystem and their influence on evidence use at the municipal level. More importantly, the PEA informed the design of the D4D program with political-economic insights to install Evidence-Based Decision-Making Process at the municipal level, especially decisions made at village and municipal assembly and executives in coordination with various committees/departments, civil societies, and others. The PEA adopted qualitative tools to collect data.

Donor: The Asia Foundation

Tools: Secondary data review, Interactional workshop, KIIs, Validation workshop

Study areas: Simta rural municipality, Lekbesi municipality, Janakpur sub-metropolitan city, Birgunj metropolitan city, Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city and Suddhodhan rural municipality

Sample size: 12 Workshops, 46 KIIs

Duration: Aug 2022- Jan 2023

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