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Qualitative research at community level on new Ward Office building investments through the Community Development Programme (CDP)

Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) had implemented the Community Development Programme (CDP) funded by DFID in 18 districts in the mid and far west and eastern Terai regions of Nepal. CDP’s major work areas include strengthening local governance, planning and improving rural infrastructure. The program had planned over 100 projects among which the construction of six ward office buildings in six districts (Sunsari, Dhanusa, Jumla, Kalikot, Bara and Jajarkot), were also included. For this, DAI has been assessing the programme in terms of its progress, conducting engineering technical assessments on the infrastructure projects of the CDP including the ward office buildings. Considering the investment and the scope of learning from the building projects, DAI contracted FDM to conduct a qualitative study at community level to assess relevance, effectiveness and usability of buildings constructed. Furthermore, the study also gathered feedback from community members on their views on the ward office investments, its importance in larger community development, and their perception towards participation of community members in decision making.

Client: DFID

Tools Used: KIIs, FGDs, Architectural Review and Immersion

Study Area: Sunsari, Dhanusa, Jumla, Kalikot, Bara and Jajarkot

Duration: September 2018


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