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The Endline Public Perception Survey of CS;MAP Project

The ‘Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project’ (CS: MAP) was a five-year project that aims to foster a more legitimate, accountable and resilient Nepali civil society that is capable of advancing the public interest. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360, the project was implemented in 34 districts of Nepal. FDM had conducted a midline public perception survey in 2019 to understand the changes in public perception compared to the baseline findings. FDM was re-contracted by FHI/360 to conduct an endline evaluation/public perception survey to measure the changes in the public perception as compared to baseline and midline. The main objective of the endline public perception survey was to: a) Gauge public perceptions of civil society and media’s role in advancing their voice and agenda; b) Assess public confidence in civil society and media governance, especially participation, inclusion, transparency, and accountability, among others; c) Measure the extent to which women and minority groups feel civil society, including media, represents them; d) Examine public perceptions of different media platforms and media habits and preferences.

Donor: FHI 360/ USAID

Study area: Baitadi, Bardiya, Rolpa, Kapilvastu, Nuwakot, Dolakha, and Sindhuli

Sample: 1536 Households

Tools: Household survey, FGD, and KII

Duration: April 2022- September 2022

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