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Baseline Evaluation of Strengthening quality inclusive early learning and institutional capacity within the Nepal’s school education sector

FDM is currently commencing the baseline evaluation of Strengthening quality inclusive early learning and institutional capacity within Nepal’s school education sector project. British Council, has collaborated with UNICEF to make sustainable improvements in inclusive education by addressing issues outlined in the SESP, Consolidated Equity Strategy 2014, and the roadmap on inclusive education. Through this evaluation, British Council aims to measure the learning outcomes of girls and boys of intervention municipalities. Additionally, this evaluation will also measure the Intermediate outcomes of the project including enhanced use of multilingual and Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) teaching skills in classrooms, improved access for boys and girls with disabilities, and the implementation of inclusive education practices for children with disabilities. The result from the evaluation is expected to contribute to the broader goals of the SESP and promote inclusive education in Nepal. For this evaluation, FDM will employ mixed method of data collection comprising qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Client: British Council and UNICEF

Quantitative sample: 1650 EGRA and EGMA test, 102 Headteacher survey, 102 Nepali teacher survey

Qualitative sample: 7 KIIs

Duration: February 2024 – Ongoing

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