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Endline Evaluation of NETRITWA project

NETRITWA was implemented in two municipalities (Balara Municipality, Sarlahi and Pipara Rural Municipality, Mahottari). The NETRITWA project’s main goal was to address the existing inequal and discriminatory practice in the community through various interventions to aspire women and girls to be the future leaders of the community. This project had selected young girls and women from the Dalit community to engage them into leadership training through a Social and Behavior Change (SBC) informed Human Centered Design (HCD) approach. Using this approach, the project envisioned to empower women leader to bring about a significant change in attitude, knowledge and practice of the beneficiaries which will enable them to address the issues of GBV. The project envisioned women as change makers who can engage with men and boys in the community to address the issues such as gender-based discrimination, caste-based discrimination as well as inequality.

Client: Save the Children

Sample size: 40 FGD, KII, IDI and MSC (Most Significant Change)

Project Area: Mahottari and Sarlahi

Duration: April – May 2023

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