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Evaluation of Aarambha Project

FDM was contracted for evaluation services to the Aarambha Project being implemented by People In Need (PIN). FDM’s evaluation services, were divided in four different evaluation points, throughout the project life-time, i.e. 2019-2023. The project aimed to control the risk of early marriage, pregnancy and child birth amongst young girls in order to uplift their social status and help them lead healthy, safe and educated life. The study aimed to assess the delivery, effectiveness, value for money and impact of the project. The baseline study of Aarambha project was conducted in 2019. The research design uses mixed methods, applying both quantitative and qualitative measures.


Study area: Bara and Rautahat

Sample: 1600

Tools: Household survey, FGDs, KIIs, Case Stories and Observation.

Duration: Mar 2019 – Aug 2023

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