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External Evaluation of UMN’s COVID Response through Hospitals and Clusters

FDM was contracted to undertake an external evaluation of UMN’s COVID Response program, funded by NORAD and being implemented by UMN. The main objective of the evaluation was to evaluate UMN’s COVID response interventions carried out through its Hospitals and Clusters. FDM accessed the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability prospects of the covid response program and documented the major lesson learned from the program. For this assignment, FDM used mixed method of data collection comprising FGDs, KIIs, IDIs, and Observation.


Study Areas: Doti, Rukum, Kapilbastu, Palpa and Okheldhunga

Sample: 390 household

Study Tools: Questionnaire, FGDs, KIIs, IDIs and Observation

Duration: Nov 2021– Jan 2022

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