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KAP assessment of USAID’s Clean Air program

FDM was contracted by FHI 360 to conduct KAP assessment of USAID’s Clean Air program. The main objective of the program was to address air pollution in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley and its harmful impacts on health, education, and climate. The program had supported the government of Nepal to execute the Kathmandu Valley Air Quality Management Action Plan (2020) and improve air quality in Kathmandu Valley by approaching national ambient air quality standards — leading to improved health and educational outcomes. To work toward meeting the air quality standards, FHI 360 had collaborated with five municipalities — Changunarayan, Chandragiri, Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Shankharapur — to conduct listening tours with local communities. For this, FDM investigated on how different groups of people in the Kathmandu valley perceive air pollution, assisting in the development of strategic actions. In addition, this assessment also supported to establish the baseline and report project indicators, the data gathered from the evaluation anticipated to support the project, strategic interaction with its partners and stakeholders.

Client: USAID/ FHI 360

Quantitative sample: 1086 local people

Qualitative sample: 21 KIIs, 7 FGDs and 6 IDIs

Duration: Mar – Sep 2023

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