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Midline and Endline Evaluation of Sponsorship Program (Sammunnati)

Sponsorship Program (also referred as Sammunnati) was a child-centric approach through five core programs namely Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Basic Education (BE), School Health and Nutrition (SHN), Adolescent Development (AD), and lastly added Maternal-Newborn Health (MNH). There was a non-core program in operation in Nepal as form of Child poverty (Food security and Livelihood-FSL, Child Sensitive Social Protection-CSSP) which focuses on income generation of destitute families contributing to children’s brighter future. There are two independent evaluations under Sponsorship based on its impact areas, I) Final evaluation for Saptari and II) Midterm evaluation for Sarlahi & Mahottari. The general objective of this program was to ensure that young adults who grew up in the impact area during the sponsorship program are educated, healthy, nurturing, and positive contributors to society and families. The program also aimed to ensure that communities and government systems have been strengthened such that results are sustained for current and future children in the impact area.

Donor: Save the Children

Study Areas: Saptari district (Surunga Municipality, Khadak Municipality, Rajbiraj Municipality, Chhinnamasta Rural Municipality, Tilathi Koiladi Municipality and Bisanpur Rural Municipality) Sarlahi (Ishwarpur M, Godaita M, Balara M and Haripur M) and Mahottari (Jaleshwar M, Bardibas M, Gaushala M and Pipra RM)

Tools: Household Survey, FGD, IDI, KIIs, Immersion

Duration: May-August 2023

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