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Overall Cycle Evaluation: Our Turn- Accelerating Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy of Married and Unmarried Adolescent Girls (Aarambha) Project

FDM is presently engaged by People in Need to undertake a comprehensive cycle evaluation of the Our Turn-Accelerating Life Skills, Literacy, and Numeracy of Married and Unmarried Adolescent Girls (Aarambha) Project. This initiative, funded through the Leave No Girl Behind window of DFID, aims to mitigate the risks associated with early marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth among young girls, thereby enhancing their social standing and facilitating a pathway to healthy, secure, and educated lives. Having spanned a duration of 5 years, PIN is currently in the planning phase to evaluate the project’s overall intended outcomes during this timeframe. In this evaluation, FDM will assess the overarching effectiveness of project strategies, including the Girls Inclusive Education Network (GIEN), parental engagement, Gender Transformative Workshop (GTW), and transition pathways for mobilizing different stakeholders to achieve the intended outcomes and strengthen sustainability in future projects.

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