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Performance Gap Assessment of Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)

With the mission of making renewable energy a mainstream resource by increasing its access to improve people’s living conditions, AEPC has been implementing the National Rural and Renewable Energy Program (NRREP), a five years program for promotion and dissemination of renewable energy technology. In 2013, FDM carried out an assessment to identify the performance gap of AEPC. The study intended to enhance their capacity by identifying appropriate trainings, other capacity needs and provide necessary recommendations to improve the capacity and knowledge gaps. The FDM study team used qualitative research methods, focusing more on one-on-one approach with the staff to meet the goal of the assessment. Further, the study conducted a desk review of AEPC’s plan and policies, along with any relevant documents and reports inclusive of any capacity assessment report.

Study area: Kathmandu

Stakeholders consulted: AEPC staff

Tools: Self- administered survey forms, semi-structure interviews and consultative meetings

Duration: April- July 2014

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