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Endline Evaluation of Teaching to Learn Project

FDM conducted the endline evaluation of Teaching to Learn projecet implemented by VSO with the objective of providing an independent and intensive research function and evaluation to assess the relevance, impact and effectiveness of the project. This project initiated by VSO had an aim to improve the life chances of vulnerable girls and other disadvantaged children in the rural districts of Jajarkot and Jumla. Activities like in-service and pre-service teacher training, community mobilization, strengthening of education governance structures, national-level networking and policy influencing were conducted to achieve the goal of improving literacy and numeracy. FDM undertook a mixed method approach to collect data for the evaluation.

Donor: VSO

Study Area: Jajarkot and Jumla

Tools: EGRA/EGMA, Survey Questions, FGD, KII, Spot Check, Class Observation, School Data Collection

Duration: 2017

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