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External evaluation of STEM – I Programme

FDM conducted the evaluation of Supporting the Education of Marginalized Girls in Kailali I (STEM I) implemented by Mercy Corps from 2014 – 2016 with the primary objective of providing an independent and rigorous evaluation and research function to assess the effectiveness, impact, efficiency, relevance and Value for Money (VfM) of the two year long project. STEM I was a project implemented by Mercy Corps that aimed to improve the life chances of marginalized girls through a series of activities including awareness campaigns, formation of girls’ clubs and business/vocational trainings with complementary financial support. As a part of the evaluation, FDM used a quasi-experimental design to track a cohort population comprising of girls and parents and collected information from three evaluation points – baseline, midline and endline.

Donor: Mercy Corps

Study area: Kailali

Sample: 625 Out of School (OOS) girls and 690 In School (IS) girls

Tools: KAP survey, EGRA/ EGMA tests, FGDs and KIIs.

Duration: 2014 – 2016

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